The First Post

While I don’t feel that you need to know much about me for this blog to be successful, I’ll indulge a little if not merely for the purpose of explaining why I created it.

I. Love. Food.

Whether I’m procrastinating, obsessing over a new recipe I’ve found, in the mood to make something special for someone, or if I’m just plain hungry, I’ve never failed to make up some excuse to cook/bake/fry/puree something delicious.

Not everything I’ve ever created has been delicious, mind you. I’ve gone through several versions of recipes before I find something I’m satisfied with and even then it is only for a moment–I almost never make a recipe again without experimenting with an extra ingredient I didn’t dare add before, but what if this is the one? The secret ingredient that sets this version apart from all the others? Am I willing to risk the current state of the dish for what could be an even better flavor, possibly ruining it in the process? Of course I am.

This blog, therefore, is for precisely that purpose. To share in my endeavors of creating something delicious that is worth sharing (even if you don’t want to) and is worth making again. I don’t dare deem all my creations as cookbook worthy or original but these are the dishes that I have made my own through trial and error and eventually success. Take from it what you will, but I hope the inspiration that I have found in my kitchen may help inspire you in yours (or perhaps someone else’s if you want to avoid the clean-up, but mom doesn’t fall for that anymore).

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